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How aging can change your cannabis routine

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How one woman is adjusting, getting older, and getting wiser about weed When I first started consuming cannabis, I was a 21-year-old college student. My cannabis routine consisted primarily of shared bowls, bongs, and blunts packed with THC-dominant cannabis flower, and I typically only consumed on nights and weekends. Just as it does now, cannabis […]

How to show up for women and minorities in cannabis

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There are 28 days in February dedicated to honoring the Black community, and 31 in March to honor women. But that isn’t enough. We must actively choose to support women and minorities in cannabis 24/7/365. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking that women face one set of problems while people of color […]

6 Game-Changing CBD Innovations From Women-Owned Brands


Take a look into some of our favorite innovations in CBD from the minds and manufacturing facilities of women, and the unique backstories that brought them to life. Time stops for no hemp company. This month and every month of the year, women working across every step of the CBD supply chain are busy keeping […]