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Louisiana House Kills Republican Weed Legalization Effort, Despite Bipartisan Voter Support

Image via On Tuesday, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted against a critical cannabis reform bill needed to legalize weed in the state.  One Louisiana Republican, Rep. Richard Nelson, recently introduced two bills major weed reforms bills in the Pelican State. The actual legalization bill, HB 699, would have permitted the sale of one ounce […]

Is a Marijuana Business Franchise a Good Idea Right Now?

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Franchising has long been recognized as a lucrative business model in the United States.   In 2019, franchise establishments generated some $787.5 billion dollars while creating jobs for over 8 million people. Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs want in on the franchise industry.   Entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry are not […]

If You Legalize Marijuana, You are Going to Kill Your Kids Says Governor Pete Ricketts

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Last year we didn’t hear the end of the concept of “fake news”. Of course, those were “Trumpier-times” and the media needed to create a narrative of distrust within itself in order to disqualify the opposition’s points of view. Fake News also became an issue for tech companies, as they didn’t want to “perpetuate the […]

How Does European Health Insurance Handle Medical Marijuana Prescriptions?

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The importance of effective insurance policies in the health and medical sector can’t be stressed enough. Nobody decides to fall ill or get hurt (we all don’t want to), but you will need health and medical insurance to cover the high cost of treatment and medical supplies in case  you do. More so, as a […]