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How Has Cannabis Affected Your Life in a Positive Way, Let Us Count the Ways!

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There are so many articles out there focusing on the negative aspects of cannabis – many of which I have analyzed and debunked.   However, today I’d like to focus on the positive aspect of cannabis. And so, we’re going to be looking at some of the responses to “how has cannabis affected your life […]

College Students Love Weed, I Repeat, College Students Love Weed!

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A federal survey divulged the alarming rate at which college students consume marijuana products through different delivery methods, the most prominent being smoking. Students in various colleges in the U.S have always smoked weed, however, the numbers recorded through the pandemic and this year places the consumption rate of cannabis in colleges and universities at […]

Orange County is a Red Hot California CBD Brand, But How Did They Get Started?

3743 P1BY orangecountrycbd got to sit down and talk CBD with one of California’s hottest CBD brands, Orange Country CBD, to see what makes their CBD so popular and what does the future hold for the company as Federal legalization is looming.   Orange Country is a famous CBD brand, how did you decide to come up […]

Arkansas Sells $33 Million in Medical Marijuana in Just the Last 6 Weeks

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Arkansas’ legal medical cannabis market made a total of $33 million in sales from mid-July till the last day in August. The number of Arkansans spending their dollars at legal dispensaries in the state increases each passing day. Making $33 million in sales in just six weeks is record-breaking in the state. This figure means […]

Crain Publishing Snaps up Deb Borchardt’s Green Market Report as Cannabis Media Gets Even Hotter

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Deb Borchardt’s Green Market Report has been acquired by media giant Crain Publishing.   Deb Borchardt is very important.   If you are not familiar with Deb’s work on CNBC and as a financial analyst, she is a female news media pioneer in the cannabis space. Deb, and Cynthia Salarizadeh, started Green Market Report over […]

The 7 Key Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow

Cannabis cultivators will agree that the best experience with planting cannabis is planted and monitored outdoors.  This is an excellent time to prepare your plants for the outdoor experience and to do that successfully, you will need the most fail-proof tips and strategies. Here are the top seven ways through which you can have a […]

Marijuana Odor During a Traffic Stop is Not Probable Cause for Arrest Says Delaware Supreme Court

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It is very easy for one to be easily carried away by the increasing wave of legalization for medicinal and recreational marijuana in many states in the US. Nonetheless, it is important to still remember that the natural product is still illegal when it comes to the federal government and there is no better way […]

Why Don’t Canadians Like to Buy Legal Weed? 20% of Legally Produced Marijuana Actually Get Sold to Consumers in Canada

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The amount of cannabis being destroyed monthly in the legal recreational market is shocking. Since the adult-use industry was approved, licensed cannabis producers have torn down a huge percentage of their cannabis stock.   Destruction of a Large Portion of the Total Canadian Cannabis Produced The attention of the public has been drawn to this […]