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Hemp wick vs butane lighter: What’s the best way to smoke weed?

HempWickVSButaneLighter main illo

Vapes, topicals, tinctures, sublinguals—more alternatives to smoking appear daily. But die-hard tokers still wonder, what’s the best way to burn one? A trusty, old BIC, or the leading alternative, called hemp wick? A bit of hemp twine dipped in beeswax offers better flavor and less landfill waste, many say. But for the first time ever, […]

What types of marijuana make you sneeze?

It’s springtime, and with the COVID-19 vaccines rolling out we can finally expose our now-maskless faces to the world. While it’s exciting to newly inhale the aromas released by terpenes from flowers and plants in nature, for those who struggle with seasonal allergies, it also means potentially being hit by a wall of irritants. Pollen […]

A Guide To Cannabis Beer


Cannabis brands have continued to come out with innovative new ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking, and cannabis-infused beverages are definitely having a moment. Brewing companies are quickly hopping on this trend, offering up their haziest concoctions yet: cannabis beer. As more and more brands come out with their own version of cannabis-infused beer (not […]