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Tax guide: Best city to buy legal weed in California


America overthrew the British over some unfair taxation. Today, California cannabis consumers seem due for a mini revolt of their own. Weed lovers can save hundreds of dollars per year on legal herb by avoiding excessive “local cannabis business taxes” in California. These complex local charges have gouged consumers at the dispensary sales counter since […]

Illinois city uses weed sales tax for reparations


Evanston, Illinois, becomes the first US city to use marijuana taxes to restore the Black community The city of Evanston, IL, has committed to correcting its historical harms with reparations financed by a local tax on legal cannabis sales. Extensive study and advocacy by 5th Ward Alderwoman Robin Rue Simmons and local historian Dino Robinson […]

Marijuana tax rates: a state-by-state guide

state marijuana tax rates

Cannabis taxes can be a pain in the pocketbook, but they keep marijuana legal and well regulated. Tax rates vary dramatically from state to state. Many states tax medical marijuana at a minimal level or not at all. Adult-use states tend to tax non-medical cannabis at so-called sin tax rates, 20% to 35% and higher, […]