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Slippery Moisturizer will take your self-care to new heights

Designed for your most sensitive areas, LUXEARI’s moisturizer works with your body for a more elevated experience. You deserve nice things, and that includes more transparent hemp products. LUXEARI was founded to combat a lack of transparency and quality in the hemp marketplace. Their mission was to create premium, small-batch products that truly capture the […]

Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included)

Hash is the OG cannabis concentrate. You can smoke it in a pipe or a joint, on its own or mixed with weed, as well as in a bong or even on hot knives.  As a product, hash is anything but new yet a bevy of new market offerings has extracted fresh interest in this […]

Did Canada really just get its first legal pot brownie? Plus other new products on the market

pot brownie

The Canadian cannabis industry is constantly buzzing with new products, and weed connoisseurs will have their hands full trying out everything hitting the legal market for the first time. People with a taste for hard-hitting products will be left in a hazy delight seeing Canada’s first-ever pre-rolled blunt along with new and exciting strain genetics. […]

10 badass sustainable cannabis flowers, joints, hash, and more

Think about the best weed you ever bought from the local dispo. What did it look like? Did it have trichomes that stuck to your fingers? Did it emit an odor so loud you had to double bag it? It definitely left you on your ass. Now think about how it was grown. Did it […]

Illinois’ best weed products: summer 2021

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Legal weed in Illinois makes the Midwest more fun than ever. Illinois offers a variety of different cannabis products that will help fuel your summer with good vibes and even better weed. Even if you aren’t in a larger city, you can still find weed products that make you feel like you’re cruising down Lake […]

Stay fully stocked with Hemper subscription boxes

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Presented ByHemper July 13, 2021 From clothing to meal kits to razors to jewelry, subscription boxes bank on careful curation and making life a whole lot more convenient to ensure you’re never in short supply. And we can’t think of a single thing as deserving of consistent replenishment as your cannabis accoutrement. Hemper makes that […]

10 dabbable concentrates to try this Oil Day

Concentrates have come a long way since legalization 2.0 first gave them the green light. No longer are consumers limited to the oils they previously were, now, the choices for dabbable concentrates are growing seemingly weekly. From shatter to budder to rosin, here are just some of the great options to enjoy this 7/10. BC […]

5 strains that would turn you into an Olympian if weed were actually a performance-enhancing drug

Every day, we get questions from people about how to use the power of cannabis to improve their life. There have been exactly zero times we’ve been asked about weed strains that help you win the Olympics. But, alas, here we are. Last week, the news broke that track star Sha’Carri Richardson will not be […]

I hate moon rocks | Leafly

Moon rocks – not a fan. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a hand-rolled jay or just straight thumbing a nug into a classic glass hammer. No grinder, just a pristine bud pressed squarely into a bowl. Lazy. Cringeworthy. No fuss. Technically, moon rocks are cannabis buds covered in potent cannabis oil and rolled in […]

New crop of US summer cannabis contests announced

COVID restrictions are lifting and the cannabis events dam has burst! This summer and fall, millions of weed fans will have more chances than ever to be the judge of their state’s best herb. Marijuana awards offer a rare data point on cannabis quality with history tracing back to the first Cannabis Cup held in […]