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Seth Rogen’s Houseplant pops up in 17 California stores

Houseplant Sativa Diablo Wind for web

Just in time for a little 4/20 splurge, stoner icon Seth Rogen’s fine Houseplant line of cannabis has hit select California stores. On Thursday, April 15, Houseplant’s three strains—Pancake Ice, Diablo Wind, and Pink Moon—debuted in 17 chic retail stores across California. Houseplant first launched in Canada a year ago. Rogen brought the brand to […]

Seth Rogen’s new Houseplant cannabis unboxed and reviewed

Houseplant Indica Pink Moon for web

My house smells terrific. I’ve spent several days sampling Seth Rogen’s new line of Houseplant cannabis, and the air in my place is spicy and fragrant. This weed is loud. The beloved comedic actor and stoner icon, along with his creative partner Evan Goldberg, launched Houseplant in California last week. They promptly broke the weed […]