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Grizzlers is out of hibernation and ready to roam

If you’re an OG Canadian joint smoker, you’ll undoubtedly be thrilled to know that Grizzlers is up and at ‘em and back in the wild. Revered on the legacy market, Grizzlers earned a dedicated following for being the very first brand to bring the pre-packaged pre-roll six-pack to market. Rooted in the old school values […]

How Pure Sunfarms is bringing iconic BC bud into a new era

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You’ve heard of BC bud. Now get ready for its next chapter. British Columbia has been synonymous with good flower for decades, not just in North America, but abroad. Part of that is the environment: The beautiful province is abundant with rich soil, ample sunshine, nourishing rainfall, and hilly topography, making it an ideal environment […]

How Wana Quick Gummies could make the good times come faster

Presented ByWana May 18, 2021 Groundbreaking new tech may be the secret to unlocking a different kind of edible Edibles are a handy (and often tasty) way to consume cannabis, but they can be tricky: They can take a while to kick in, and when they do, they can hit you harder. Fortunately, there may […]

Tweed’s got all your favourite strains this 420

Presented By Tweed April 15, 2021 420 season is here and the stoke is high. When April rolls around, the cannabis community knows it’s time to go big on the strains you can’t get enough of. Tweed has got your back with all your favourites. Canadians trust Tweed to deliver on dankness with expertly-grown OG […]