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Magic Hour Cannabis knows and grows good weed

With all the talk about which coast has better weed, Magic Hour Cannabis is an Oregon-based cannabis brand that comes straight from the hands and hearts of East Coast natives Adriana Carlile and Will Perry. Along with their status as an industry power couple, Adriana and Will are responsible for the success of Magic Hour […]

10 badass sustainable cannabis flowers, joints, hash, and more

Think about the best weed you ever bought from the local dispo. What did it look like? Did it have trichomes that stuck to your fingers? Did it emit an odor so loud you had to double bag it? It definitely left you on your ass. Now think about how it was grown. Did it […]

Portland’s best weed strains of Summer 2021| Leafly

LOWD Mac1 July2020 ResinatedLens 019

Damn, Portland—you crazy. This summer, Stumptown stoners hit the rarest, strongest, most affordable herb in the known universe. Oregon’s ancient and loose medical cannabis program spawned one the world’s first adult-use markets all the way back in 2014. The rec scene grew too robust and farmers grew too much pot. Prices collapsed to $6 per […]

Leafly Buzz: 12 hottest weed strains of May 2021

CAM ZimZims 2021 David DownsLeafly

With over 248 million vaccine shots in arms and the summer approaching, America’s lust for normal life is reaching critical levels. Keeping pace with our excitement this May, cannabis breeders, growers, and sellers keep pumping out dank delights like ZimZims, Whoa-Si-Whoa, and Quest. And who has the details? Leafly. Independently reported without fear or favor, […]

Leafly Buzz: 12 fire weed strains for March 2021

Get those stimulus checks ready to ruuuuumble! This month, New Jersey and Virginia have gone legal on the East Coast. And out West, we’re popping cannabis seeds and springing forward like never before. Whether you’re celebrating legalization’s advance or germinating this year’s crop, you’re gonna need some fire tree to keep you company. This March, […]