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Louisiana Cops Can’t Arrest People for Minor Weed Possession Anymore

Image via On August 1st, Louisiana became the 32nd US state to decriminalize or legalize minor cannabis possession.  The Pelican State’s new decriminalization law reduces the penalty for possession of up to 14 grams of weed to a simple $100 fine, with no threat of jail time. And unlike other states that impose additional penalties […]

Congress Just Snuck a Provision to Use Legal Weed for Research into Infrastructure Bill

Image via Democratic leaders in both chambers of Congress have come up with a new plan that would make it easier for scientists to access high-quality cannabis for research.  This weekend, the Senate released the final draft of a massive infrastructure bill that would invest billions of dollars into modernizing the country’s failing highways and […]

Mila Kunis Just Sold $8 Million Worth of “Stoner Cats” NFTs in 30 Minutes

Actress and comedian Mila Kunis just sold over $8 million worth of NFTs that grant exclusive access to Stoner Cats, an animated comedy about – you guessed it – cats that get high. These five-to-seven-minute animated shorts track the lives of Ms. Stoner, an older medical marijuana patient with Alzheimer’s Disease, and her five loving […]

Ohio Man Nearly Chokes to Death After Swallowing Baggie of Weed During Police Traffic Stop

Image via Pretty much every pothead has had a stoned run-in with the cops. But in Ohio, one man almost died trying to avoid getting busted for possession.  Last month, Ohio State Trooper Charles Hoskin pulled a man over for a routine traffic stop. When approaching the vehicle, the cop saw that the shirtless driver […]

Kool Cigarettes Just Won Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Legal Weed Brand

Image via The third-largest tobacco company in the US just won a trademark infringement lawsuit against a small California cannabis company.  Earlier this year, tobacco conglomerate ITG Brands filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles-based Capna Intellectual for ripping off the logo of its Kool cigarettes brand. Capna, which produces a variety of legal adult-use cannabis […]

Mothers Are the Reason Peru Just Expanded Medical Cannabis Legalization Laws

Image via It’s an issue around the world: Governments continue to approve expensive, cannabis-based pharmaceutical products for medicinal use, while cultivation of the plant remains illegal for patients (and their families) to grow at home. Thankfully, Peru recently corrected this problem by passing a law in July that expands cannabis patients’ rights. Now, registered patients […]

Another Notoriously Anti-Weed Federal Lawmaker Just Joined Board of Cannabis Company

Image via A former Trump official and Congressman who spent his career fighting against medical marijuana just set himself up to profit from a brand new medical cannabis company in his home state of Georgia. Last month, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission granted medical cannabis production licenses to six out of 69 applicants. […]

New Orleans Just Removed All Penalties for Pot Possession and Cleared 10,000 Convictions

This June, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill to decriminalize minor cannabis possession throughout the Pelican State. Under this new law, anyone caught with up to 14 grams of weed can be fined a maximum of $100, with no risk of jail time.  Just a week after this statewide decriminalization law came into […]

Scientists Think the Synthetic Cannabinoids in Sativex Can Beat Brain Cancer

Image via Sativex has played a significant role in marijuana history. It’s the first cannabis-derived pharmaceutical to be legalized in many countries around the world, including the UK, Spain, United States, Canada, and New Zealand.  The drug’s utility may be about to expand, however. The UK’s federal health agency and cancer non-profits have announced they […]

Philip Morris Is Calling for an All Out Cigarette Ban By the End of This Decade

Image via Jacek Olczak, the CEO of massive tobacco enterprise Philip Morris, just urged the UK government to ban all cigarettes — yes, including its own Marlboro brand — within a decade, the Guardian reports. Olczak believes that cigarettes should be treated like gasoline-burning cars, which are slated to be banned from 2030 onwards in […]