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The Roll-up #199: Strains of Summer

best summer cannabis strains 2016

Hannah buys a house, live performance resumes after the pandemic and David Downs joins the crew to talk about the strains of summer.  Get Lit on the strains of summer here OCB is one of the world’s largest rolling paper brands. They’ve been “One With Nature,” crafted naturally since 1918, so you can be confident you’ll have […]

The Roll-up #196: Hemp wick vs butane lighter

20190211 Leafly product 0358

With Bruce away, Alyssa and Hannah are holding down the fort. They talk hemp wicks vs butane lighters. Seke Ballard pops in to talk Good Tree Capital and makes plans to come back. Then a hot list of Asian American owned cannabis brands you must try! Find Good Tree Capital at  OCB is one of […]

The Roll-up #195: Time came for us and Mississippi

Time is so wild, right? Reflection and disappointment reign with the news in Mississippi, and the DEA allows scientists to finally test real-world weed. Alyssa chats with Arend Richard about creating and life after 30.  Find Arend Richard at and get his sci-fi novel “Being Found” on Amazon. OCB is one of the world’s largest rolling paper brands. […]

It’s official: Alabama legalizes medical marijuana

Alabama Gov Kay Ivey e1621284176302

MONTGOMERY, AL — Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed medical marijuana legislation Monday as Republican opposition to the issue faded after decades of debate. The program will allow people with a qualifying medical condition to purchase medical marijuana with the recommendation of a doctor. The approval came eight years after a medical marijuana bill in 2013 […]

Mississippi meltdown: High court destroys state initiative system to stop medical marijuana

The Haymaker is Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott’s opinion column about cannabis politics and culture. The past few months have seen amazing progress on cannabis reform in the American South. Last November, 74% of voters in Mississippi embraced the legalization of medical cannabis. In February, Virginia lawmakers legalized the full adult use of marijuana—and then […]