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Magic Hour Cannabis knows and grows good weed

With all the talk about which coast has better weed, Magic Hour Cannabis is an Oregon-based cannabis brand that comes straight from the hands and hearts of East Coast natives Adriana Carlile and Will Perry. Along with their status as an industry power couple, Adriana and Will are responsible for the success of Magic Hour […]

How hempsmart supports mental wellness beyond CBD

CBD is great—but it’s even better with support. It’s been such a rough year for everybody that “how are you holding up?” has become the new “how are you?” Mental wellness is an essential part of health and happiness, and more people than ever are struggling to maintain their mental health. For some, that struggle […]

Searching for the origin of Blue Dream marijuana strain

berryessa blue dream revolution scaled

Marine fog casts a gray haze and fills the air with palpable moisture on the coastal bluff overlooking the vast blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The puffs of smoke floating off my joint seem to meld in perfectly with the hazy setting as I belly-up to the railing on a cliff-side fence to secure […]

Justin Bieber, let us help you budget for weed

JustinBeiber 3

Earlier this week the New York Post’s Page Six caught Justin Bieber dropping “over $1,000 on weed and edibles in one go.” That’s it. That was the whole point of the story. The Biebs bought weed. Stars—they’re just like us! Not joking about that California weed Earlier this year the Canadian-born pop star told his […]

5 dabbers you’ll meet IRL

When dabbing first hit the scene, some people were apprehensive about the new mode consumption. Perhaps all the talk about blow torches was a bit intimidating. Luckily, times have changed and these days, lots of people have learned how to dab. And whether it’s the ease of using an e-rig or the basic idgaf attitude […]

I hate moon rocks | Leafly

Moon rocks – not a fan. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a hand-rolled jay or just straight thumbing a nug into a classic glass hammer. No grinder, just a pristine bud pressed squarely into a bowl. Lazy. Cringeworthy. No fuss. Technically, moon rocks are cannabis buds covered in potent cannabis oil and rolled in […]

New crop of US summer cannabis contests announced

COVID restrictions are lifting and the cannabis events dam has burst! This summer and fall, millions of weed fans will have more chances than ever to be the judge of their state’s best herb. Marijuana awards offer a rare data point on cannabis quality with history tracing back to the first Cannabis Cup held in […]

Renowned cannabis chef ‘The Nomad Cook’ takes his show on the road

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Foodies delight: cannabis infused edibles are a booming industry in Canada. From homemade confections to multi-course gourmet meals, canna-cuisine is taking the nation by storm. The interest in cannabis seems to have permeated every sphere of life since the federal legalization in 2018. Travis Petersen, a cannabis chef who opened a culinary cannabis company called […]

What happens if you get caught with cannabis in a national park?

The world’s first national park, Yellowstone has wowed visitors with its 3,500-sq. miles of wilderness and volcanic action since 1872. The setting is almost too perfect for nature-loving cannabis enthusiasts, with many vacationers undoubtedly tempted to sneak in some product and light up on a trail. However, Yellowstone like other national parks, lies on federal ground, and with cannabis’s […]

Elevation Gain: Leafly’s guide to the best high hikes in Arizona

You can spend your day taking in the gorgeous views surrounding the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, but it wouldn’t do Arizona’s other hiking spots—with their own natural beauty and charms—much justice. And to pair those stunning hikes with some mind-opening cannabis will have you flying high over the Copper State’s sandstone and arid desert plains. […]