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One store’s legal battle to free the pot leaf and save Quebecois cannabis culture

Poutine, unofficially the official national food of Quebec, pairs extremely well with pot. So well, in fact, that it would be fair to assume that the Francophone province would have embraced federal cannabis legalisation when it came into effect in 2018. But Quebec has never been fond of taking directives from the federal government. True […]

How long will delta-8 remain legal?

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Delta-8 THC, aka delta-8, the intoxicating cannabinoid synthesized from hemp, is making waves across the United States, and especially in states where marijuana remains illegal. That’s because delta-8 is derived from federally legal hemp, which by law contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. In fact, many manufacturers and retailers label it “delta-8 CBD” to emphasize […]

CDC study finds teen pot treatment admissions plummeted

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In March, Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts alleged: “If you legalize marijuana, you’re going to kill your kids.” But actual studies of adult-use states keep showing no or little effect on teen use, and now—hospital admissions. A November 2020 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found far fewer teens going to the […]

Montana Governor’s pot legalization plan overrides will of voters

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Turns out Montanans do like ‘Big Government,’ at least when it comes to weed. Forced by the will of the voters on Election Day last November, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte released his plan today to implement cannabis legalization in the Republican-controlled state. Gov. Gianforte’s distinctly nanny-state vision for legal weed comes in the form of […]

These states could legalize cannabis next in 2021

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With the signature of Gov. Ralph Northam expected later this week, Virginia will become the 16th state to legalize cannabis for adult use—although legalization won’t actually take effect until 2024. Who’s likely to follow Virginia? There are a number of serious contenders. At least 12 state legislatures have recreational legalization measures on the table right […]

Prohibitionists want THC-limit laws. Here’s why patients and consumers are fighting back

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Proposals to cap the amount of THC in cannabis flower and concentrates have been gaining traction in a number of state legislatures, and earlier this week the idea reached the federal level. In a report released on Wednesday, the US Senate’s Caucus on International Narcotics Control recommended looking into THC caps on state-legal, regulated products. […]