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Free Rudi Gammo: Michiganders demand Gov. Whitmer pardon medical marijuana prisoner

In some legal states, the government requires the entire cannabis industry to be vertically integrated. That means stores can only sell cannabis that they grow themselves and handle entirely in-house from “seed to sale.” Vertical integration is meant to make it easier for regulators, including law enforcement, to keep tabs on the industry. But in […]

This plumber was sentenced to 12 years for growing marijuana in a legal state. How is that possible?

Cannabis Grow Raided 1

The cannabis scene in Worcester, Massachusetts, is thriving. New Dia, the first equity-powered dispensary in the city, situated about 50 miles west of Boston, opened a few weeks ago. The business carries items from Freshly Baked, a veteran-, minority-, and women-run operation from nearby Taunton, and owner Ross Bradshaw donated the first $5,000 in sales […]