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Just desserts: The Cookies and Cakes family genealogy

Leafly honors the 50th anniversary of “4:20” (aka “420” or 4/20) this April with a celebration of legendary strain families. We’ve already covered famous Hazes, Tangies, Purples, and OG Kushes. Now for the headliner: Cookies and Cakes! Why do people wait two hours in line to spend $70 on an eighth-ounce of weed—in the middle […]

Gelato is the best strain ever. Try and change my mind

Gelato 33 by Nelson and Co 2 web

Every weed smoker has an opinion on the best strain ever because we all have different experiences and memories connected to certain strains. But today, I mark the end of all that subjectivity: Once and for all, I’m crowning Gelato as the Greatest Of All Time—the GOAT. Let me tell you why. What is Gelato? […]

Leafly Buzz: 12 fire weed strains for March 2021

Get those stimulus checks ready to ruuuuumble! This month, New Jersey and Virginia have gone legal on the East Coast. And out West, we’re popping cannabis seeds and springing forward like never before. Whether you’re celebrating legalization’s advance or germinating this year’s crop, you’re gonna need some fire tree to keep you company. This March, […]