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Higher dose cannabis edibles could actually protect kids

Pediatric poisoning from cannabis edibles at home—for a lot of parents, it’s a nightmare scenario. On July 16, a group at a barbecue at a house in Victoria, B.C. noticed that some of their children were acting strangely. When they questioned them, the kids admitted they had found candy in a room in the house […]

Did Canada really just get its first legal pot brownie? Plus other new products on the market

pot brownie

The Canadian cannabis industry is constantly buzzing with new products, and weed connoisseurs will have their hands full trying out everything hitting the legal market for the first time. People with a taste for hard-hitting products will be left in a hazy delight seeing Canada’s first-ever pre-rolled blunt along with new and exciting strain genetics. […]

Renowned cannabis chef ‘The Nomad Cook’ takes his show on the road

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Foodies delight: cannabis infused edibles are a booming industry in Canada. From homemade confections to multi-course gourmet meals, canna-cuisine is taking the nation by storm. The interest in cannabis seems to have permeated every sphere of life since the federal legalization in 2018. Travis Petersen, a cannabis chef who opened a culinary cannabis company called […]

Raise your glass for the Select Squeeze THC Beverage Enhancer

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Presented BySelect May 31, 2021 Technology, design, and straight-up deliciousness come together in the product that will mix with anything. Things have never looked better for cannasseurs looking for effective and on-the-go-friendly ways to enjoy a cannabis experience. Currently on our must-have list? The Select Squeeze THC Beverage Enhancers from Curaleaf—a leading player in sophisticated […]

10 excellent Asian American cannabis products to try today

The past year has been, for me and many others, a deep rumination on gratitude. Grateful to be alive, grateful for my loved ones, grateful I get to engage with quality cannabis in all its forms on a regular basis. Work from home orders and a new “essential” status mean a lot more people are […]

I ate 10 times more THC than I planned. Here’s what happened

For many people, the idea of eating 10 times more than their preferred dose of THC can be terrifying. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people overdoing it. Maybe you ate too much of a mystery brownie in college, or perhaps you indulged in a mislabeled pack of gummies in the days before potency […]

How Wana Quick Gummies could make the good times come faster

Presented ByWana May 18, 2021 Groundbreaking new tech may be the secret to unlocking a different kind of edible Edibles are a handy (and often tasty) way to consume cannabis, but they can be tricky: They can take a while to kick in, and when they do, they can hit you harder. Fortunately, there may […]

A Guide To Cannabis Beer


Cannabis brands have continued to come out with innovative new ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking, and cannabis-infused beverages are definitely having a moment. Brewing companies are quickly hopping on this trend, offering up their haziest concoctions yet: cannabis beer. As more and more brands come out with their own version of cannabis-infused beer (not […]