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How to find and buy quality delta-8 THC products

Delta 8 tinctures

Smoke shops, CBD outlets, and traditional head shops across the country are selling a wide variety of products containing delta-8 (Δ8-THC), the hemp derivative considered federally legal under the terms of the 2018 farm bill. Unlike CBD, the intended target of the 2018 farm bill, delta-8 THC is intoxicating. In other words, it gets you […]

The Roll-up #199: Strains of Summer

best summer cannabis strains 2016

Hannah buys a house, live performance resumes after the pandemic and David Downs joins the crew to talk about the strains of summer.  Get Lit on the strains of summer here OCB is one of the world’s largest rolling paper brands. They’ve been “One With Nature,” crafted naturally since 1918, so you can be confident you’ll have […]

Is delta-8 THC safe? Here’s what the experts say

Delta-8 THC products have exploded in popularity in the past year, especially in states that haven’t yet legalized the adult use of cannabis. Illicit delta-8 THC vape cartridges may be setting America up for another VAPI lung crisis. The legal status of delta-8 continues to evolve (more on that here), but there’s a question consumers […]

Did New York really ban delta-8 THC?

Editorial Delta8 tinctures

Just weeks after it legalized adult-use cannabis, New York has joined a growing number of states that are seeking limits or prohibitions on delta-8 THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid synthesized from hemp. New York officials will prohibit the in-state production of delta-8 THC products derived from hemp. Beyond that, things get sketchy. In late May, the […]

The Roll-up #196: Hemp wick vs butane lighter

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With Bruce away, Alyssa and Hannah are holding down the fort. They talk hemp wicks vs butane lighters. Seke Ballard pops in to talk Good Tree Capital and makes plans to come back. Then a hot list of Asian American owned cannabis brands you must try! Find Good Tree Capital at  OCB is one of […]

We tried delta-8 THC with MOONWLKR

Moonwlkr Hero Astro

Here’s how it feels to travel to a new cannabis galaxy. If you’re a space cadet in a state still under cannabis prohibition, it can be hard to get your hands on the euphoric and often healing effects of THC, its main psychoactive ingredient. But companies like MOONWLKR are entering a new frontier: Delta-8 THC. […]

The Roll-up #195: Time came for us and Mississippi

Time is so wild, right? Reflection and disappointment reign with the news in Mississippi, and the DEA allows scientists to finally test real-world weed. Alyssa chats with Arend Richard about creating and life after 30.  Find Arend Richard at and get his sci-fi novel “Being Found” on Amazon. OCB is one of the world’s largest rolling paper brands. […]

You’ve heard about delta-8. Now, meet delta-10.

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This new cannabis innovation brings a more cerebral head high straight to your door Delta-8 THC is the new cannabis craze, but there’s another hemp-derived THC on the horizon: Delta-10. When we talk about typical THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, we’re talking about delta-9. People are rushing to delta-8 for its gentler high […]

The Roll-up #193: Delta-8 and ‘Weediatrics’

Editorial Delta8 v2.2 scaled

Alyssa reports on her delta-8 experience, and interviews the producer of ‘Weediatrics,’ a new documentary film about families struggling to find healing through medical cannabis for their children. OCB is one of the world’s largest rolling paper brands. They’ve been “One With Nature,” crafted naturally since 1918, so you can be confident you’ll have a perfect session […]

How long will delta-8 remain legal?

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Delta-8 THC, aka delta-8, the intoxicating cannabinoid synthesized from hemp, is making waves across the United States, and especially in states where marijuana remains illegal. That’s because delta-8 is derived from federally legal hemp, which by law contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. In fact, many manufacturers and retailers label it “delta-8 CBD” to emphasize […]