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Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included)

Hash is the OG cannabis concentrate. You can smoke it in a pipe or a joint, on its own or mixed with weed, as well as in a bong or even on hot knives.  As a product, hash is anything but new yet a bevy of new market offerings has extracted fresh interest in this […]

10 dabbable concentrates to try this Oil Day

Concentrates have come a long way since legalization 2.0 first gave them the green light. No longer are consumers limited to the oils they previously were, now, the choices for dabbable concentrates are growing seemingly weekly. From shatter to budder to rosin, here are just some of the great options to enjoy this 7/10. BC […]

What is weed’s new CRC tech, and can it hurt you?

“Gold is good” used to be the conventional wisdom when it came to buying cannabis extracts, but not any more. The rise of new ways of making hash, as well as cleaning up dirty hash, mean that the old tricks don’t always work. Thanks to ‘color remediation column (CRC) technology’ or ‘CRC tech’ or ‘CRC’ […]

710 and the rise of hash and dab culture in Canada

Dab culture is going mainstream. The enjoyment of hash, aka cannabis concentrates, or dabs, was once limited to only the most experienced of connoisseurs. To be included in dab culture one needed to have considerable knowledge and an array of elaborate accessories. Now, the culture around dabs —and the people who enjoy them— is evolving. […]

5 dabbers you’ll meet IRL

When dabbing first hit the scene, some people were apprehensive about the new mode consumption. Perhaps all the talk about blow torches was a bit intimidating. Luckily, times have changed and these days, lots of people have learned how to dab. And whether it’s the ease of using an e-rig or the basic idgaf attitude […]

I hate moon rocks | Leafly

Moon rocks – not a fan. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a hand-rolled jay or just straight thumbing a nug into a classic glass hammer. No grinder, just a pristine bud pressed squarely into a bowl. Lazy. Cringeworthy. No fuss. Technically, moon rocks are cannabis buds covered in potent cannabis oil and rolled in […]