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Must-have 420 accessories based on your stoner persona

Back in the day, besides your typical headshop bong, a few carved pipes, and the trusty joint, there weren’t too many other tools or ways to consume cannabis. But as the industry has evolved, so have the products in and around it, opening new opportunities for techy gadgets, yummy edibles, and smoking accouterments to cater to […]

Is your CBD what it says it is? Study finds high-THC weed sold as hemp

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Presented By SC Labs March 31, 2021 This article was contributed by SC Labs, a Leafly Certified Labs partner. Testing failures highlight the need for national regulations on hemp As federal and state governments tackle the legalization of hemp as a distinct product from cannabis, the safety of the products produced from hemp isn’t getting […]

Gummies, tinctures, and a whole lot more for the people

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Presented By Koi CBD March 18, 2021 Leafly takes a look at some stand-out products from the quality freaks at Koi CBD With short-lived CBD companies popping up left and right, it’s hard to find a company with a solid track record. Koi CBD has been on the scene since 2015, which translates to approximately […]

UFC Veteran Elias Theodorou Is The World’s First Cannabis Sanctioned Pro Athlete

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Like most athletes, Elias Theodorou likes being first. In 2014, the mixed martial artist known as ‘The Spartan’ became the first Canadian to win The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s reality TV competition. Last year, his list of feats grew again when he became the first professional athlete and mixed martial artist in the world to […]

A Guide To Cannabis Beer


Cannabis brands have continued to come out with innovative new ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking, and cannabis-infused beverages are definitely having a moment. Brewing companies are quickly hopping on this trend, offering up their haziest concoctions yet: cannabis beer. As more and more brands come out with their own version of cannabis-infused beer (not […]

6 Game-Changing CBD Innovations From Women-Owned Brands


Take a look into some of our favorite innovations in CBD from the minds and manufacturing facilities of women, and the unique backstories that brought them to life. Time stops for no hemp company. This month and every month of the year, women working across every step of the CBD supply chain are busy keeping […]