What Stocks Are Running for Ed's Homecoming | Midas Letter RAW ft MYCO, SE, CWRK

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The market has taken a tumble since Ed was away, but he’s back now and here to stay.
Crypto is still climbing to our dismay, but please be careful; we don’t want you to pay!
We will look through many commodity charts today for Ed’s technical analysis prowess is on display.
So please sit back and listen to what he has to say. Watch the interviews and have a nice day!

00:00 Midas Letter RAW
00:06 Guess who’s back?
02:07 Coming up on the Show
03:03 Crypto
07:00 ***CurrencyWorks Founder Cameron Chell interview***
23:49 CNSX:CWRK chart
24:42 10-year rate
26:14 Hyperinflation & Supply/demand issues
28:33 Lumber price
31:09 ***Sweet Earth Holdings CEO Peter Espig***
40:52 CNSX:SE chart
41:29 Copper price
44:38 Baltic Exchange Dry Index (BDIY) chart
46:54 ***Mydecine Innovations Group CEO Joshua Bartch***
59:45 NEO:MYCO chart
1:00:24 Uranium price
1:01:22 Voxtur Analytics (CVE:VXTR)
1:02:25 Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)

We have 3 exclusive interviews on deck:

CurrencyWorks Inc (CNSX:CWRK, OTCMKTS:CWRK) Founder Cameron Chell interview

CurrencyWorks provide Fortune 500 companies with turnkey blockchain solutions, including digital currencies, payment rails, NFTs, and Security Token Offerings (STOs). The company also has a zero-cost energy crypto mining infrastructure that solves the biggest crypto mining problem: energy consumption and associated costs.

Sweet Earth Holdings Corp (CNSX:SE, OTCMKTS:SEHCF) CEO Peter Espig

Sweet Earth is a CBD product company with the ambition to become a top 5 global player. The company has award-winning products across 3 synergistic CBD product lines in skincare, pet treats, and premium pre-rolls.

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc (NEO:MYCO, OTCMKTS:MYCOF) CEO Joshua Bartch

Mydecine is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to create medicines for mental health disorders and addiction. The company has 4 clinical trial drug candidates targeting PTSD, addiction and smoking cessation. Mydecine’s business model combines clinical trials, artificial intelligence drug discovery programs, and telemedicine technology to enhance treatment offerings.

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