CCI August Q and A Replay: Why don't edibles work, How to talk about cannabis legally and more

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Why don’t edibles work for me?
How can I talk about cannabis legally?
How do you figure out how much THC is in a homemade edible?

These are just THREE of the many questions we answered in the August 2021 installment of the Cannabis Coaching Institute’s Q and A.

Resources Mentioned:
FDA Document:
FTC Document:
How much THC is in my homemade edibles?
Edibles Dosing Calculator:
How to Decarb THC:
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Are Vape Pens Safe (2021 Update):
What’s the deal with Delta-8?
How to use your Instant Pot to Decarb:
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Making Cannabinoid Blends:
Is CBG As Good as They Say?
Get your cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds:

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