Learning How The Microbiome Builds Muscle PLUS What's Really In Your Water

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Learning How The Microbiome Builds Muscle PLUS What’s Really In Your Water Dr. Taylor Valentino, MS – John McCarthy, PhD – Israel Passwater
If further research can identify the substances that the bacteria of the gut are making to help muscles grow following exercise, we might be able to use some of those substances to promote the growth of muscles in people suffering from the loss of muscle as typically seen with aging or cancer. That’s according to new research published today in The Journal of Physiology.
The researchers found that for muscles to grow following exercise, an in-tact microbiome was necessary in mice.


Every day we put liters of water int our bodies for our health and performance. We won’t drink tap water because we know there’s horrible chemicals in it. Some from run-off like herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs. Others put there purposefully to make it “safe” for us to drink lie fluoride. We pay high dollars for bottle water, only to read weekly that they’re not any better. With BPA and other endocrine disruptors in them. I drink a gallon of water a day. I have no interest in loading up on this harmful bad actors. What’s a person to do?


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