PEMF for Cellular Health, Healing, and Increasing Energy w/ William Pawluk, M.D.

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. William Pawluk about the use of pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) in healing, health and cellular energy.

In this podcast, Dr. Pawluk discusses:

What are PEMF and what benefits do they offer?
How much evidence is there for the claims about PEMF devices?
How can you use PEMF to assist with healing your health issues?
Exactly how much should you worry about EMFs or dirty electricity?
What’s the ideal frequency for healing?
Which PEMF devices are recommended and how can you apply them?

Show Notes:
What is PEMF? (02:19)
How PEMFs may affect different health problems (16:35)
How PEMF differs from EMF (19:28)
Potential risks of using PEMFs (47:14)
How frequency affects your health (54:16)


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