How Astral Projection Connects Science, Spirituality, and Religion

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Listen to the episode and read the show notes:

For the longest time, astral projection has been a mystery that piqued the interest of many. The ability to go beyond your physical and mental limitations has been subject to a lot of studies and conspiracy theories for years. But what if this unexplained phenomenon is turned into an espionage weapon? Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen delve into the possibility of the CIA using these out-of-the-body experiences to carry out well-targeted spy missions and even dabble in mind control. They also discuss humanity’s unending curiosity about the craziest and maddening things in the world. Jason and Whitney talk about the music industry’s perspective on using autotune, how the slightest tunes can affect your thinking, and how a visit to the world’s quietest room may look like.


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