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FINALLY, a dog grooming course made for pet owners and beginners! In this video, we will take a peek behind the curtain of my dog grooming course scheduled to be available for purchase in only a few short days!

It brings me great joy to create a course specifically for the very beginner or pet owner who desires to groom their dog themselves.

Dog grooming is not an easily accomplished task that is a simple as following directions and steps.

It requires you to build dexterity and expect to struggle with the oddity of using tools and methods that are brand new to you.

The tools and products used to groom dogs do not perform the work for youโ€ฆyou have to operate the tools and products optimally in order to achieve a successful grooming session.

Prepare yourself for the obstacles learning to groom your dog has in store for you.

Get in the mindset of an apprentice. Be ready to make mistakes and learn from them.

You have to absolutely want to go the distance my friend and realize learning to groom is a marathon and not a sprint.

Equal to become able to play a musical instrument or any other skill that requires extreme focus and commitment.

Are you ready to begin your pet grooming journey today?

Failure is not an option when you plan to succeed.

โ€ฆand remember, you are not the only one to walk this road. Pay attention to the footprints of those who traveled before youโ€ฆ

We all started at the same place, my friend!

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