Former NHL star Dan Carcillo talks concussions, painkillers, and how Psilocybin mushrooms helped him

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Jay welcomes former NHL star Dan Carcillo about how he got started in hockey growing up in Canada, and how as an NHL player he doesn’t remember his first FIVE concussions and how that damaged his long-term quality of life. Dan also talks about his savage nature on the ice and how he earned the nickname “Car Bomb”, why he loved to fight, and how painkillers in his day were handed out to players like candy. We also talk about Dan’s suicidal thoughts when he was heavily medicated, before he discovered mushrooms and what they could do for him, and is very candid about how far into depression he really spiraled. Plus his company’s work with psychedelics and how they work in relation to brain injuries, and the road to approval for use on a larger scale.


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