Healing with Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

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In this week’s episode of Be HEALTHistic, Drs. Drew & Briana Sinatra welcome chiropractor, public health researcher, aromatherapist, podcast host, and author, Dr. Eric Zielinski — also known as Dr. Z. He wrote the bestselling primer on using essential oils for general health and today, we focus on his latest book, The Essential Oils Apothecary, which has more than 100 formulations to help with symptoms of many chronic conditions.

• It’s simple to make a natural hand sanitizer; find out how to make your own hand sanitizer at home: https://bit.ly/387oUHq.
• There are vitamins and minerals that are especially beneficial for immunity; find out the best vitamins for boosting immune health: https://bit.ly/3kf2qtP.
• Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb, can help relieve stress naturally; read more about ashwagandha for stress, mood and sleep: https://bit.ly/3B3x2oJ.
• A healthy gastrointestinal system is key to overall health; get great advice in this beginner’s guide to good gut health: https://bit.ly/3zdqnb1.

Dr. Drew Sinatra is a board-certified naturopathic doctor and self-described “health detective” with a passion for promoting natural healing, wellness, and improving quality of life by addressing the root cause of illness in patients of all ages. His vibrant practice focuses on treating the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) and finding missed connections between symptoms and health issues that are often overlooked by conventional medicine.

Board-certified naturopathic doctor and integrative wellness expert with a holistic approach to women’s and family health.

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