What Are Terpenes? (Science Explained)

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The cannabis plant contains a complex profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Like many other aspects of the cannabis plant, Terpenes are still a topic surrounded with controversy.
So what are terpenes, how many different types of terpenes are present in cannabis, and what do they do?

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00:35 What are terpenes?

01:34 What effects do terpenes have?

02:01 How many terpenes are there?

02:29 Myrcene

02:50 Limonene

03:14 Caryophyllene

03:31 Pinene

03:56 Terpineol

04:18 Borneol

04:33 Delta-3 Carene

04:56 Linalool

05:14 Pulegone

05:27 Conclusion


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