My client says: "MY HRT doesn't work!" Let's troubleshoot common problems! Let's get you on track.

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What do you do when your HRT doesn’t seem to be working? Consider these 15 things. Your body is a beautiful system. Everything affects everything. Let’s problem solve this. Yes, it’s complex. You will feel a difference with each of the tweaks to your solution. A lot can go wrong, but a lot can go right too. This is your project. This is your baby! Getting this right is the most important thing you can do. It makes all your life goals possible. What are you looking forward to?

Your body has changed. It is in a new space on the map. Your solutions need to change too. Most of us just aren’t doing enough. We don’t realize all that has happened to our body with hormone loss.

I help women to 100% recovery. Yes, this means we consider many things, how it all works and how it might work against us.

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Your troubleshooting checklist
Check your dosing?
Check to see if you are applying it right?
Consider nutrition? Learn why nutrition has to be enhanced.
Consider stress?
Consider psychiatric help — non-toxic drugs?
Consider supplemental hormones?
Consider toxins?
Consider movement?
Consider sleep?
Consider other drugs?
Consider what your supplements are doing, herbal medicines?
Use testosterone?
You haven’t checked your thyroid hormones?

Come for coaching if you need
Education, Motivation, Calm feelings, and a personal plan.

You only need to take one step at a time. Build experiments. See if the change will work for you. I am happy to help.


Come for coaching and education

I offer education and coaching to help women recover 100% from health failure at menopause. Learn more about hormone health and how to work with your doctor. It’s important to educate before you spend on “other non-hormonal products” that you may not need once you have HRT! Save money, save health. Nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, toxin and pharma reduction. Identical HRT is not like other pharma.

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