How Long Do #Parrots REALLY Live? #Parrot_Bliss

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People say that parrots can live up to 100 years –

Sure, there are exceptions for any ‘rule.’ However, I understand that there is no documentation or real evidence that parrots live – on average – more than 50 years.

Of course, it depends on the species. The larger species, like Macaw parrots, have the longest life spans.

Given that parrots became popular and began to be imported in significant numbers in the 1970’s, I don’t see how we could have observed their living too much longer anyway. Again, I’m sure there are some exceptions, but people also thought that parrots thrived on a seed diet back then. It is a diet that is out of balance, so a long life-span shouldn’t be expected.

Actually, in captivity, a parrot could live a long, healthy life. The lack of predators or days with little food to be found don’t exist. In a home or environment in which parrots are well-cared for, they could and should live long.

Unfortunately, parrots, like people, are susceptible to getting sick — and they hide their illness and can fall too quickly and easily. Things also happen to parrots, they could fly too quickly into a glass window and break their necks.

My point: you can’t predict how long any creature really will live. In captivity they could live longer, but I don’t see evidence that they really live longer than 50 years (and that’s larger species, like Macaws.)

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