Ep 151 – Hydrotherapy with MaryBetts Sinclair

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Water treatments have a universal and timeless appeal. In this episode, MaryBetts Sinclair discusses how she “found” hydrotherapy, when—and why—hydrotherapy re-emerged in modern times, how massage therapists can incorporate hydrotherapy into their practices, and whether MTs should charge more for these services.

MaryBetts Sinclair has been practicing massage and using water therapies in Corvallis, Oregon, since 1975. She is the author of two books on massage for children, as well as the new edition of Hydrotherapy for Bodyworkers: Improving Outcomes with Water Therapies, Second Edition. She has been teaching massage and hydrotherapy for decades, and taught both subjects in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, South Korea, and Indonesia. MaryBetts is also a member of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. Her articles on hydrotherapy have appeared in many publications, including Massage & Bodywork magazine.

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