Java Delight – S1 E112 – Breakthrough Thursday – Featuring Ibrahim Dar

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This is Java Delight! With your hosts: Brandon Croucher & Ilse Pieterse and Guest Host: Jessica Dugas.

It’s Breakthrough Thursday so you know what that means! Guest host, Jessica Dugas from The Breakthrough Show Network, will be joining Brandon & Ilse in the cafe to talk about the breakthroughs that inspire us to change our lives!

Then, we’ll be interviewing our special guest, Ibrahim Dar.

Dubbed ‘the motivational Machiavelli‘ by The Milestone Mag, Ibrahim’s approach to personal development is ruthlessly pragmatic and thoroughly practical. His style of deconstructing and tackling problems from a practical perspective has propelled his daily email blast, Ibrahim in your Inbox, into the ‘Top 20 Most-Engaging Newsletters’ list compiled by the Impact Tribune.

His book, ‘Charm Like a Narcissist,’ has been translated into 7 languages and distributed in over 45 countries. It has found its way into several international reading lists and is discussed, cited, and studied in classrooms and student book clubs in over 12 universities.

As a professional speaker, Dar talks about attracting attention, building a narrative, and creating connections. His words have reached over 2 million people, with 18,000 returning to consume his content regularly.

He has given over 80 talks on improving social skills, accumulating personal power, and grabbing attention, including one at Middlesex University Dubai, a university from which he graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Media, and Public Relations.

It’s going to be a great episode on Delight’s Digital Cafe!

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