Do Macaws Parrots Make Good Pets? All About #Macaws #Parrot_Bliss

In this video I am brining you as much information on Macaws as I can think to bring you so that you can decide whether a Macaw is the right pet, or companion, for you.

I have three categories for you to consider, each with subcategories:

Owner Lifestyle with a Macaw:
Their size
Life Span
Talking Ability
Cuddle/Affectionate factor

Owner Exerience with Parrots:
Family vs 1-Person bird
Challenges for this species
Pet friendliness
Gets along with other parrots

Owner Circumstances:
Maintenance Cost
Cage cost
Apartment Friendly
Space Requirements
Cage Requirements
Playfulness/toy requirements

I think I missed a couple of these in the video, so here they are:
Life span – 50 years
Availability – Exotic bird store tend to have Macaws during the baby season

Use this information to decide whether a Macaw would be right for you given the lifestyle you want to live, your experience and circumstances.

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