Tintagel By The Sea – Peter Hammill

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A song for the Kids TV show “Play Away”

Original VHS courtesy of Laurie Parsons. Digitally captured from VHS by Sbartikus Teknik. And then edited & uploaded by me. Here’s the lyric:

Tintagel By The Sea – Peter Hammill

(Tintagel by the sea)
(Tintagel by the sea)
There’s a castle called Tintagel by the sea.
(Tintagel by the sea)
And it’s part of King Arthur’s history.
(King Arthur’s history)

Merlin the magician used to live here in the caves.
Practising his spells and contemplating the waves.
(At Tintagel by the sea)

One night on the beach he had a shock.
(One night he had a shock)
For he found a little babe among the rocks.
(He found a babe among the rocks)
His magic told him he’d be king and not just any knave.
He called the baby Arthur and taught him to be true, strong and brave.
(At Tintagel by the sea)

Because King Arthur would always fight for right.
(Yes King Arthur would fight for right)

His sword was called Excalibur and it could never break.
But he got tired of fighting so he threw it in a lake.
When a hand came up and caught it, he knew that he’d made a mistake.
(yes he knew he’d made a mistake)

He had one more battle to fight against the knights who were so cruel.
He won that and all the vassels said he was the best king who ever ruled.
(The best king who ever ruled)

If you come to Tintagel now, there aren’t really any knights.
But there are lots of jolly people and the castle’s very nice.
(The castle’s very nice at Tintagel by the sea)

*Parrot Pecks Hammill and a monkey in a cardigan eats a polo*

But now the time came for Arthur to sail away.
(From Tintagel by the sea)
In a boat disappearing across the bay.
(Of Tintagel by the sea)
But if the realm meets disaster King Arthur will come back again.
(He’ll come back again)

Music & Lyric copyright Peter Hammill & presumably Play Away too.


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