Cannabis and Chronic Pain

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Welcome to the Green Bridge minute brought to you by Green Bridge Health and Green Bridge Society. My name is doctor Gerald Knepp. I have helped many patients use cannabis to alleviate their chronic pain. Unfortunately, medical cannabis is often used as a treatment of last resort. Considering its safety profile and effectiveness, medical cannabis should be considered as first-line therapy for many patients. Chronic pain is a prevalent and multifaceted condition affecting over 50 million adults in the United States. Current pharmacological treatments, such as opioids and NSAIDS have fallen short of relieving pain for many patients, and these classes of medications have serious and dangerous side effects. On the other hand, if used under the guidance of a medical professional and titrated appropriately, medical cannabis poses very little risk at all.

Every patient is unique, so at Green Bridge Health, we help each patient find the best cannabis regimen for them through one-on-one consultations. We offer 3 types of appointments.

Medical Cannabis Consultation: A 30-minute appointment intended for new patients and current patients who need more help and education.

Curious about Medical Cannabis: A 30-minute appointment for patients who are not yet patients but they want to learn more about medical cannabis and the program.

Quick Questions: A 15-minute appointment for established and knowledgeable patients who need a quick follow-up or have only a few questions.

If you would like to schedule a medical cannabis consultation, please go to our website: Green Bridge and make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced medical professionals. We look forward to helping guide you on your cannabis journey back to health.

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