Buzz 15 (VIDEO): Bradley Poulos on the Present and Future of Cannabis Business (PodCast – English)

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If you’re curious about the cannabis industry, few people can offer deeper insights than entrepreneur and educator Bradley Poulos. Check out our interview with this battle-hardened professor of entrepreneurship to find out how the cannabis industry is set to develop, the current legal obstacles, and if cannabis businesses will benefit society.

0:00 1. Given its growing mainstream appeal, is it possible that the cannabis industry will develop just like any other major industry?

0:50 2. As revenue increases in legal markets, cannabis is becoming an exponentially attractive sector. But what can we do about its legal status? What are the roadblocks?

01:48 3. How is the cannabis industry related to wellness, medicine, and recreation, as well as the hemp industry (textiles, paper, construction, and agricultural industries)?

04:00 4. What do you think about the overlap between the cannabis business and organised crime? Do you think this fraught relationship is paving the way for legalization?

05:12 5. Is the canna-business good for society? If so, how?

08:35 6. Can we expect brands that are known worldwide to start investing in the cannabis industry?

10:05 7. As the cannabis industry evolves in countries like Canada and the United States, many new product ranges are emerging, such as infused gummies, snacks, water, creams, candles, and so on. Some are even made using terpenes not extracted from cannabis. What do you think about this development?

11:47 8. What types of cannabis-related companies can we expect to launch in the coming years?

14:57 9. Looking to the future, how do you think legalization will transform the cannabis industry?

21:30 10. What advice can you give to entrepreneurs looking to invest in the cannabis industry?

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24:13 Which advise can we give to entrepreneurs that are willing to invest in cannabis industry?

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