Mental Health Awareness Check | CBD Headquarters Episode 2

This Mental Health Awareness check clip is dedicated for opioid awareness, anyone facing serious challenges, people with suicidal thoughts. Yes, unfortunately our hero firefighters and the scary suicide rate. Who better than the 1st medically issued medicinal marijuana patient in Australia and Mike in USA from CBD headquarters would you chose to share a Mental Health Awareness Check clip with you?
Sativex, Oxycontin, Endone, Ambian, Restavit, Androgen, Xanax, Valium, and other heavy medications can destroy your insides and not the only way to get out of bed and function. Hear first hand how someone quite cold turkey using marijuana and THC products.

So cbd over big pharma for weight loss? Maybe not always but in Irish’s case it was.
Irish “I lost weight using cbd over big pharma” explains how big pharma products where a contributing factor to weight gain, that after quitting cold turkey he dropped from 350 pounds to under 200 pounds using cannabis products as his only turn to product for relief. Cannabis saves the day for Irish but for all who cant use THC checkout these products for your body from Pure Body Zen, the story behind the brand, the first responder, fire fighter none other than Gary Roberts @CBD_Headquarters PL division aka @whitelistcbd
Buying CBD products from Gary Robert’s means supporting a small business, first responder and fire fighter. A business who’s proceeds go towards their 501c3 setup in memory of their beloved daughter whom they lost to opioids and to help others from opioid challenges.

There are opioid abuse support groups that can help and natural remedies or cannabidiol products can help aid with stress, anxiety, pains and even sleep. To find out more about this cbd review comment or feel free to DM us. Next clips will have details of products used to help get fighters in first response sleep. What types of gummies or edible cbd oil they take to get relief or the edge off. You can listen or follow Gary Roberts Podcast for tons of great resources and empowerment.

Follow Irish on his YouTube Channel  @Medicated & Dedicated TV

S/O Gary Roberts @GoodDudesGrow First responder – Firefighter we are so forever grateful to work with & have on our show.
S/O Irish @whitelistcbd S/O @Keepitmedicinal
If you like to see full length videos or learn more about CBD subscribe to my YouTube channel Thanks for watching the video Mental Health Awareness Check | CBD Headquarters Episode 2 #MENTALHEALTHAWARENESS #opioids #cbdreviews


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