This night routine CHANGED MY LIFE (Weight loss & Glow up mentally: cope with Insomnia & Anxiety…)

Striving to get my life together and be a better version of myself – and that girl? Guess that’s us, all of us, who put effort into self improvement 🙂
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Some of my workouts💦💪🏼
► Part 1: Hip Dips Workout | 3 weeks Hourglass Beginner Challenge | Best Side Booty exercise

► 28 Days New Hot Girl Challenge!! & Reacting to your AMAZING RESULTS

►11 line ABS & FLAT BELLY in 2 weeks | 9 min beginner Home workout, no equipment – pt. 1

►Burn BELLY FAT & SLIM waist in BED! 2 weeks abs challenge pt.2 | no equipment workout

►5min Relaxing Stretch | STANDING & SIMPLE | Pre & Post Workout | Beginner & stiff muscle friendly


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