Interest Group Vet 31Aug21

AMCA invited Dr Marta Calvo Blanco, Veterinary Clinical Educator, CANNect Veterinary to present to members on a submission recently made to the TGA to reword the S8 cannabis and THC entries to allow for veterinary access. The current listing allows for “human therapeutic use” only. The submission asked for rewording to “human and animal therapeutic use”. This would be the first step to allow Australian veterinary surgeons access to this new therapeutic field. The submission will be public in late August for 1 month.

CANNect Veterinary, a part of CANNect Group and member of AMCA, actively advocates for animal welfare and promotes the education, support and training of veterinarians in medicinal cannabis to help them enhance the human-animal bond between their clients and their patients and so they are keen to be successful with this application and welcome support when it is open for public comment in September.

Join Dr Marta Calvo Blanco (introduced by Carrie Newbold, General Manager, ECS Clinics) as she describes the details behind this submission, and how it may change the landscape of medicinal cannabis for our furry friends in Australia.


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