This Week in Cannabis News – Aug 23 to Aug 28 2021 + Portfolio Update!

*This news is NOT investment advice. It’s for educational purposes only.*
Mid Week Update:
Curaleaf, Verano, Harvest Earnings:
GTI, Trulieve, CC & Cresco Earnings:
Correction: @13:45 737 thousand / @16:05 – Surterra Wellness Owned By Parallel Co.

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Cuomo Out, Hochul In and Vows To Make NY’s Adult Use Industry a Priority
2:15 – CO Governor Sends Letter to Schumer and Team to Pass SAFE ASAP
4:05 – Letter Reiterates SAFE has Bipartisan Support, Can Pass in Short Term
6:30 – The 5 Stages of Business Lifecycle: Where MSOs Sit… Do you agree?
8:50 – Bold Predication From Prof Bill Yinaire, A Little History Lesson
10:18 – Ayr Wellness Announces 5% Share Buy Back Over Next 12 Months
11:45 – Kim’s Bold Prediction, How it Started Vs. How its Going, Well Done Kim
12:41 – Trulieve Hosting 2nd Annual Expungement Clinic, Who Else Does This?
13:21 – Cowen Financial Takes 5.21% Position in Trulieve, Buys 3,737,357 shares
14:01 – Trulieve Employees Try to Steal 10,000 Grams, Get Caught, Pot Returned
15:16 – FL Office of Medical Cannabis Use – Added 3,168 Patients, More Growth
16:16 – Curaleaf Opens 2nd NJ Location, 109th Dispensary Nationwide
17:30 – PA Medical Cannabis Sales Sizzles, $3.4B In Sales Since 2018
20:23 – BTIG Update on NJ via Todd Harrison, May Launch Nov / Q1 2022
24:13 – Texas Law Expanding Medical Cannabis Takes Effect September 1
25:00 – NIDA Official Admits Wrong About Legalization, Legalizers Were Right
26:58 – BC Considering Cannabis Consumption Lounges, Go Canada!
27:44 – South Africa Crafts Strategy for $2B USD Cannabis Industry
29:25 – Portfolio Update – Locked and Loaded For Rest of 2021, 2022 🙂

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