Podcast 311: How sex and mental health are connected

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I interview award-winning OB-GYN, best-selling author and woman’s health expert Dr. Sherry Ross about the relationship between sexual health and mental health, the importance of healthy attitudes towards sex, how sex is good for your brain, and more!

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2:20 Why Dr. Sherry loves educating women about sexual health 

3:36 How sexual health is a barometer for our mental health

4:30 The difference between male & female sexual desire

5:00 The importance of talking about desire & mental health 

6:30 Why we should know about our sexual organs & what turns us on

8:20 How hormonal changes affect sexual desire in women

11:14 What causes low sexual desire in women?

12:10, 14:40 The relationship between mental health & orgasms 

13:20 Overcoming the stigma surround female sexual desire 

14:00, 15:50 The importance of sexual education for women

16:12 How should we talk about the relationship between sexual & mental health?

17:40 Why we need to understand & learn about our sexual response cycle 

21:05 The importance of preparing for a sexual act

22:30 Mental health & intimacy after a sexual act

25:00 Why what happens outside the bedroom is important for what happens inside the bedroom

26:55 The mental & physical effects of sex

28:40 Why do women seem to battle more with sexual desire & is this changing?

36:03 The mental health benefits of organisms

37:10 The different stages of sexual desire

39:40 How different medications can affect libido 

43:20 Why is sex painful for some people?

44:30 Why you should treat your vagina like you treat your face: take care of it daily!


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