Leonard Peltier Podcast & Video Series Preview

This is an updated preview of the upcoming podcast from Archangels of Justice about the Leonard Peltier case. Leonard was sentenced to life in prison based on false FBI statements, coerced witness testimony, and deliberately withheld ballistics reports. The FBI did this while claiming AIM members were domestic terrorists and ignoring staggering murders rates on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Archangels of Justice Investigators, Salvatore E. Rastrelli and Ira B. Robins review actual cases to identify the problems within the justice system and determine the cures. They seek to reverse the breakdown in public trust, alleviate the hostility on both sides, and reduce the number of senseless deaths. Both are former police officers and private investigators with more than 88 years combined investigative experience. The intended audience and advertising target is anyone who has been wronged by law enforcement or knows someone who has; including all minorities and ethnic groups and anyone seeking to expose the truth and effect change.​

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