A Veterinarian's Perspective on Bowhunting

Report on Bowhunting
This report summarizes twenty-four studies on bowhunting from across the country. The facts in these studies show clearly that bowhunting is inhumane and wasteful. The possibility of a deer
being impaled by a broadhead arrow and then dying instantaneously is extremely slight.
Wounding and crippling losses are inevitable. Every one of these studies has concluded that for every deer legally killed by bowhunters, at least one or more is struck by a broadhead arrow, wounded, and not recovered. The studies indicate an average bowhunting wounding rate of 54%, with the
shots per kill averaging 14. We believe that these numbers are conservative.


The Wounding Cover-up
Bowhunting journals make it clear that they do not want bowhunters speaking to anyone
about wounding. Their editorials even suggest that bowhunters should underestimate
their losses:

Bowhunter Magazine

An article entitled Bow Wounding Losses THE BIG MYTH by David Samuel states: It is disquieting to know that we probably wound one deer for every animal harvested. Samuel also states: The only reason I can think of is that bowhunting is difficult, more so than gun hunting. Some non-thinking
bowhunters apparently feel its better to say that they at least hit a deer than admit they didnt harvest one. Thats really dumb logic and every time someone says they wound a deer to anyone else, even a bowhunter friend, it gives the wrong message to anyone who is listening.

Bowhunter 1989 Big Game Issue
An article entitled A Call for Accuracy by Dwight Schuh states: Our sport cant
stand forever in the face of growing hatred. Archers must work to counteract that
sentiment and build bowhunting in a positive light. The first step should be
obvious. Dont brag about hitting and losing animals. He goes on to say,
Theres nothing honorable about hitting and losing an animal; it just means you
screwed up. Dont brag about it. Just shut up.

There are many sites to show how to track a wounded deer because bowhunted animals death is never “quick”.



Tracking Wounded Whitetail Deer

Tracking A Bow Shot Deer
(and gun shot also)


Guide To Trail the Deer with Its Blood Stains

Following Blood Trails & Finding Every Buck


Tracking Wounded Deer

(I can’t imagine people will try to retrieve deer that ran too far looks very difficult and we know slob wildlife killers could care less and leave it)

Tracking Wounded Whitetail Deer
Tracking or Trailing A Wounded Whitetail Deer
How to Track a Wounded Deer
Guide To Trail the Deer with Its Blood Stains
How to Handle a Gut Shot

Trailing Wounded Deer – God’s great outdoors
Tracking Wounded Whitetail Deer
Tracking Game
Recovering Wounded Deer
Deer Search Inc.

Tracking A Bow Shot Deer
(and gun shot also)

Ethical Hunter says “let the deer lay up and die.”


“let the deer lay up and die”

“just a tough animal and refused to give up”

“just sit in the stand and wait until he believes the deer is dead. ”

“Let nature take its course or your running the risk of losing your trophy whitetail deer”

Deer Vehicle Accident doubled in the past 15 years and those states listed has the most ‘hunters’ .


According to Assoicated Press and DNR of Wisconsin, 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered. Even if it was a miscalculation and it was 6,000 deer that is way too many unnecessary pain and suffering. Even if its 60.


Look more about hunters lies and corruption here



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