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Do you have questions about entrepreneurship, business or how I went from a G.E.D. and HOMELESS to owning a home? Call me – FOR REAL! Need advice? Give me a call. The first 15 minutes are my gift to you! #clarity #advice

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About me: Montina Young Portis is the founder of CIA Media Group is a woman-owned, MBE certified, nationwide video production company and creative marketing agency that has produced hundreds of successful video and advertising campaigns for companies across the country. Our services help our clients reach their goals and deliver actionable results. We work with national law firms, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Author of “YouTube Video Marketing Secrets Revealed: The Beginners Guide to Online Video Marketing”

Author of HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: How to Grow a Passive Income in 20 Simple Steps

Author of HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: How to Build a Passive Income Stream Marketing Funnel

Author of “The Jump Is the Story: 30 Days to Greater Faith”

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This playlist includes videos on how to make natural deodorant, natural lotions, natural hair cream, and more. Enjoy!

This playlist includes videos on goal setting & planning How you plan your day matters! In this video I tell you how I make a daily schedule and what I do to stay on top of my day.

View the Natural Hair Tutorial Playlist

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Montina Portis Interviews on TV and Radio:

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