Challenges in providing equitable access to health in Australia

A webinar recording from the ACOSS/UNSW poverty and inequality partnership.
As the COVID-19 Pandemic has powerfully demonstrated, there is a direct link between people’s income and their health, with people on lower incomes typically having poorer health outcomes than people with higher incomes. Health inequity is a prevalent issue in Australia, with many challenges due to low incomes and socio-economic disadvantage and barriers to access to health services. Building on the findings from the ACOSS and UNSW joint report, Work, income and health inequity: A snapshot of the evidence, this webinar explored:
– What exactly does the data show about the relationship between health and socio-economic circumstance?
– How could we improve the data in order to increase equitable access to health?
– How can the policy choices we make now help improve the health outcomes for the most disadvantaged in Australia?
– Importantly, how are the choices we are making now about COVID-19 impacting health outcomes for those with the least during this pandemic?
Guest speakers:
Host: Dr Norman Swan, Host of RN’s Health Report, co-host of Coronacast & commentator on ABC TV’s 7.30
Nicole Bartholomeusz, CEO of cohealth
Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Director, Centre for Health Equity Training, Research & Evaluation (CHETRE)
Nicole Kilby, Policy Officer, National Association of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners
Erin Miller, Manager Priority Populations and Places, Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health


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