Audience Q&A, Dr. Ingrid Murra, The Truth Behind Invisalign And How To Get Results | Dr. G | #122

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Knowledge Bomb: Dr. G answers Q & A questions from the Instagram audience:
– What helps with floating stool?
– How to optimize joint health?
– Is breast implant illness real?
– Can I use the infrared sauna with breast implants?
– Berkey or Aquatru?
– Are titanium dental implants toxic?
– Do you diffuse essential oils?
– Best and worst coffee brands?
– Do I need to remineralize filtered water?
– Tips for waking up earlier?
– Blood tests to evaluate my nutrition?
– Advice for Hashimoto’s and other thyroid disease?
– How do I find a mold free rental?
– Should we give up plastic and drink from glass, steel, and copper?
– Best vegan supplements for kids?
– Best fluoride free toothpaste?
– Is it safe to keep a cell phone in your pocket?
– How to read a heavy metal COA?
– What are the top mushroom companies?

Special Guest Segment: Dr. Ingrid Murra joins the show to talk about the truth behind clear aligners. Companies like Invisalign have gained popularity over the years and now many direct to consumer teeth straightening solutions have popped up. Dr. Ingrid speaks about the dangers behind these companies and how to properly and safely straighten your teeth for the long term. Additionally, we speak about the importance of community on mental health and bond over being second generation Latinos growing up in communities lacking diversity.

Dr. Ingrid Murra is the 48th LatinX woman to secure over $1,000,000 Venture Capital funding in the history of the United States, a Harvard-trained orthodontist, and the founder & CEO of the orthodontic startup, Two Front. Two Front is revolutionizing the dental industry by connecting top orthodontists to dental offices and providing orthodontists with the tools to run modern, clear aligner practices from unused office space at dental offices. In this episode we talk about the affects of the consumerization of orthodontics with companies such as Invisalign and Smile Direct Club at the forefront, and what you actually need to get a perfect and healthy smile when starting treatment.

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