Episode #78 – Jen Palmer Naturopathic Doctor & Director of Education at Charlette's Web CBD

Join Naturopathic Doctor & Director of Education at Charlette’s Web CBD, Jen Palmer and Jason Stella discuss….

1. Why do you think the CBD market is exploding?
2. What is the science behind The Health Benefits of using CBD?
3. What are the biggest mysteries surrounding CBD?
4. What is a full spectrum hemp extract?
5. People worry that THC is still in CBD, or that they will fail a drug test if they are tested. Can you explain the process to help people understand?
6. There are so many companies and products, what should a person look for when considering purchasing a quality CBD product?


More about Jen…
Dr. Jen is a naturopathic doctor with 20 years’ experience in the dietary supplement industry and integrative medicine profession.
Her dedication to educating on the health benefits of CBD started when she used hemp extract to successfully support her dog’s health.


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