So many guinea pig babies this wheek

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Hour 3-4
3:03:55 Elizabeth shows us Bubbas!!
3:07:25 Bubbas!!
3:14:00 Ursula does a nail clipping on a piggy with long nails.
3:16:30 Saskia talks to a neighbor who rescued 3 piggies who were dumped in front of another neighbours driveway.
3:21:05 Saskia does a health check on the piggies who were dumped. Saskia deals with an impaction on a Tri-Color American boy who Ursula did a health check on.
3:28:20 Saskia Story Time.
3:34:42 Bryan tells Saskia about a female piggy with a possible Uterine Prolapse.
3:39:24 Male piggy gets a health check with Saskia. Piggy gets a butt cut.
3:51:27 Female American piggy gets a health check with Saskia. Tri-Color Crested American Female gets a health check with Saskia. Saskia talks about a vet not believing a piggy did not have an ear infection.
3:59:30 Bryan’s female piggy gets a health check with Saskia. Piggy possibly has a UTI or Stones.

Karalee sent January 31 at 1:23 AM
Hour 4-5
4:06:10 Buddah Boys.
4:08:14 Baby Cam.
4:10:40 Miss Caroline progress report and she gets weighed.
4:15:12 Emmanuel update.
4:20:10 Baby Cam(Nursery).
4:22:15 Cheeky Mumma finds the “hidden food”.
Karalee sent January 31 at 1:23 AM
4:23:34 Different Cheeky Mumma finds the “hidden” food.
4:30:16 Cheeky Mumma flips the corner house.
4:36:24 A human hand shifts the flipped house.
4:50:47 Saskia shows us 1 of the Bubbas.
4:53:19 Rauls’ Pocket is emptied and his nails are clipped.
4:56:22 Walk Through


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