Chief Researcher of Dr. Howard Schubiner talks Mind Body Symptoms

In this Crushing Doubt interview, I got to sit down with Dr. Mark Lumley, the chief research partner in Dr. Howard Schubiner’s research on pain and the various practices to use to retrain the brain to get rid of it. Mark and I talk about how important it is to the scientific and logical endeavors of chronic pain and other mind body suffering that we can show just what is going on and what it actually means for treatment.

Mark and I also discuss the importance of disclosure for patients, both in their ability to entrust us with what is going on for them emotionally, but with respect to their ability to trust the genuineness of the treatment provider. I express appreciation for the research happening out there, as I note that not everyone is as drawn to this area of the work, despite how important it is.

In fact, as we explored what got Mark into the mind body field, he shares a story of the first time he came to be aware of his own mind body process and how far it went. I marvel with him about the scientific mind he had even back at nine years old and how he continues to apply these skills in ways that benefit the entire mind body community and the sufferers who so badly need our help.


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