TV for Dogs | Dogs Exploring NATURE | Relaxing and Calming

TV for Dogs: Relax your dog at home and prevent barking that stems from separation anxiety with this relaxing video of dogs exploring nature.

Is your dog scared? Afraid to be alone? Having a hard day? Experiencing separation anxiety? Having trouble sleeping? Relax your dog with this video to instantly calm them down.

Do you feel bad leaving your dog alone for hours without a companion? Play this video to help your dog feel surrounded by other dogs. We are sure they will love it!

TV for Dogs | Dogs Exploring NATURE | Relaxing and Calming


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🔴 Snuggle Puppy
Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, the Snuggle Puppy has been designed to provide comfort and helps relieve anxiety in your four-legged friend. Dogs and puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. The Snuggle Puppy recreates intimacy with physical warmth and a ‘real-feel’ pulsing heartbeat, providing an extra source of comfort for your pet.

🔴Hemp Oil for Dogs
This oil triggers the production of feel-good hormones and enhances brain activity so that separation anxiety or noise phobias are a thing of the past for your newly calm best friend. This Natural Hemp Oil is developed for canine use only. Unlike other less specialized supplements. It is suitable for all dog breeds. This powerful source of protein, vitamins, and minerals helps calm and relieve stress and anxiety from nervous dogs.

🔴 Dog Music Album
This is a carefully curated Music Album to facilitate quick Dog Relaxation and also reduce Separation Anxiety.

🔴 Dog Calming Diffuser
This provides “comforting messages” (dog appeasing pheromones that mimic a mother’s nursing pheromones) that helps dogs feel calm and relaxed in situations like loud noises (thunderstorms and fireworks), being home alone, traveling or other fearful situations. These odorless messages are only perceived by dogs and provide a strong signal of security and comfort. Cats and people are not affected by these pheromones.

🔴 Calming Bites
These are premium soft chew supplements that support dogs with stress and tension troubles to help them feel more calm, cool, and collected in their surroundings. Each chew contains 30g of Suntheanine L-Theanine that helps stimulate brain waves to promote relaxation. These supplements encourage natural anti-anxiety relief for a thunderstorm, fireworks, car rides, or separation anxiety.

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