Making Cannabis Corporate- CovidCastJA Episode 63

Did you know?

The worldwide Cannabis Industry is projected to reach a whopping US $90.4 billion by 2026, for context that’s 5 times Jamaica’s GDP of US $16.46 billion recorded for 2019.

Cannabis is technically prohibited in Jamaica, however, possession of small amounts was lowered to a minor offence in 2015. This came as a result of the Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act of 2015, which established a legal market for medicinal cannabis.

This places Jamaica at the forefront of the developing world’s cannabis legalization efforts.

Join us this Thursday at 7:30 PM on COVIDCastJA where we will discuss “Making Cannabis Corporate.” We’ll be joined by Dominic McDowell, Cannabis Industry Consultant, The Ganja Consulate, Stephen-Jon Brown, Director of Quality Assurance, Jacana, and Felicia Bailey, Director, Research Development and Communications, Cannabis Licensing Authority


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